Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mars Methane: Geology or Biology?

My money's on biology.


Chris Wren said...

You'd really have to stretch reason to the breaking point to argue for some kind of hitherto-unknown mechanism of seasonal volcanism. Occam's razor say: biology.

Mac said...

Nick Bostrom's gonna be one mad dude.

Anonymous said...

There is substantial visual evidence for at the very least, large microbial masses, molds or vegetation on Mars that change with the seasons.

This is just another example of how much I deplore NASA, MSS & ESA for sitting on information they know damn well has validity. How many years must we wait? How many!?

Will my children finally see the reality that sits just outside of our grasp or will they to be sheltered in ignorance by elitist control freaks?

Sorry, nothing gets me more angry than martian foot dragging ;)