Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Alleged Russian UFO

Part of me loathes posting anonymous clips of alleged UFO footage; another part, every bit as strong as the other, enjoys the ensuing comments.

Thoughts on this one?


Anonymous said...

It looks an awful lot like a setting sun behind dense cloud cover. I've seen the effect many times in dark Albertan winters.


Justin said...

My only question is, what was Michael J. Fox doing in Russia in the middle of the winter?

Actually, I lied... is that supposed to be reflections on the ground? And suddenly I'm reminded of Gibson's "Pattern Recognition"...

Katie said...

1. Hold the freakin' camera still!
2. It looks like a big, flaming keg.
3. The lack of commentary in the video makes me immediately suspicious.

Anonymous said...

How to make a supernatural video:

Blurry? check
Shaky? check
Indecipherable blob? check

In the sky? It's a UFO!
On the ground? It's an alien!

purrlgurrl said...

A light filmed "through" a window can easily be just a reflection on it. Given the estremely unsteady footage, I wonder if the photographer was sober enough to even know the difference.

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