Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Geller controversy

Suspension of PSI Belief (Greg Bishop)

I am not aware of any controlled study which examines reported instances of metal continuing to bend after Geller has finished touching it, or indeed after he has left the premises. In any case, I prefer to leave the Geller question open.

Adding to the strange soup is the fact that Geller said he had been contacted in the early 1970s by an alien entity called SPECTRA which relayed messages to him through a supercomputer that was orbiting the Earth -- shades of the contactees and of course Philip K. Dick's VALIS experience. He also claimed UFO sightings from a very young age.


Greg Bishop said...

Hmm, No comments. There sure are a lot on my post, many of them coming from people who seem to think that I'm a hopeless dupe.

Maybe I just want to suspend my disbelief for awhile longer with Geller. One disproof does not make everything false, in my opinion, although some call that wishful thinking. I guess I'm treating this case like the UFO subject--most are identified, some are not.

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