Monday, May 18, 2009

"Supernatural Investigator" stills (part one)

I finally received a DVD of my February appearance in the titular role of Vision TV's "Supernatural Investigator." As I'm allowed to post a couple minutes of footage for promotional purposes, I figured I might as well share a few stills instead.

First up is an unflattering shot of me "grilling" the University of Wyoming's Jeffrey Lockwood, an entomologist who taught a NASA-funded course devoted to communicating with ETs (via written English).

And here I am entering a recording studio with the SETI Institute's Seth Shostak. (I disagree with many of the Institute's guiding tenets -- most notably its irrationally harsh, largely uninformed dismissal of UFO evidence. That said, Shostak was a charming and cordial host and I enjoyed strolling the SETI Institute's museum-like central corridor. And where else can you find a paperweight emblazoned with the Drake Equation?)

I had the chance to answer a question for the SETI Institute's radio show. The theme was technology. As I was in the habit of chronicling my travels via Twitter, I related my own somewhat schizophrenic relationship with gadgets.

On a tangential note, I've grown to dislike the gray shirt I'm wearing in the bottom two photos. It makes me look vaguely like Dr. Evil.

(All images courtesy of Vision TV.)


Brent said...

Look out Alan Alda

Anonymous said...

Here what i found -> vision correction