Saturday, May 30, 2009


Maybe it's just me, but the fantastical concept car pictured above appears to have more than a little in common with the purported alien-derived "drone" pictured below.

Both vehicles sport distinctive eggbeater-like protrusions and both make use of some form of unknown physics. In the case of the "drones," photos featured in cleverly crafted documents depict portions of the craft locked in position without making physical contact with the main body (see image below). The concept car's disembodied rear wheels would seem to make use of a similar concept.

So, is there a causal link? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Gareth said...

Not really seeing it tbh.

Although that one part is almost a direct match for that upper most top section of the drone.

Pisces Iscariot said...

When do they plan on inventing that invisible axle?

grthink said...

It probably is just a coincidence, or maybe just a symptom of current design fashion.

I thought the drones were part of some aborted marketing hoax for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Mac said...


I thought there might be a "Sarah Conner" link as well, but the producer denied having anything to do with the original (bogus) "drone" photos. I'm inclined to believe him.

I do think there's a sufficient resemblance between the car and the drones to argue against coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Were those drone photos ever proven fake? Definitively?

Gareth said...

^^Yes by expert digital imaging people. "Obviously bad CGI" was one quote.

Thats just the photos though. The drones themselves are another matter.

Anonymous said...

Gareth: That's not entirely accurate. While the drone photos caused an incredible stir in CGI circles, not one supposed "expert" could definitively paint them as fakes. There was endless debate and theory regarding their supposed creation yes but no nail-in-the-coffin proof of fakery. In fact, there was just as much ambiguous evidence for their reality. There's so much back and forth on this in fact that you would need several weeks to read through it all.

I still find the drone case fascinating precisely because so many people made so many knee-jerk assumptions. It tells you a great deal about a certain elitist bias within the fringe community to make assumption without truly verifying the assertion. Happens on both sides but the Drone case really stands out here as one of those "I know what this is and you don't" tug of wars.

To this day, no one has claimed it as part of their viral marketing campaign, though MANY have since used it as such (Alienware being a more obvious example). Its quite a story.


Anonymous said...

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