Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Almost finished with Vallee's book and Strieber's "Lilith's Dream." I have quite a backlog of books I want to catch up with: "Exploring the Matrix" (a collection of essays by the likes of Bruce Sterling and John Shirley), "Flesh and Machines," "Natural Born Cyborgs" and Robert Zubrin's "Entering Space" for starters.

There's a ton of fiction I want to read. Shirley's "Crawlers" is out. I also want to try some Mervyn Peake -- the stated primary influence behind Mieville's "Perdido Street Station -- and Paul J. McAuley. I have the British editions of "The Invisible Country" (short-stories) and "Red Dust," a futuristic Martian planet-opera. I tried, unsuccessfully, to find a copy of his novel "Fairyland" a few years ago. With any luck I'll run into it at a used-book store.

This blog is almost a year old. How about that? I've eliminated the book reviews; they're all available on my website and I tend to update them anyway. There's nothing as annoying as "dead media." Maybe now Posthuman Blues reads a bit more like a stream-of-consciousness novel than a literary thesis paper. Blogger only recently added a spell-checker, so some of the older posts may have a disproportionate number of typos. Oh, well. I don't exactly expect anyone to call me on them.

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