Sunday, November 02, 2003

I finally toted my laptop to the coffeeshop to make some headway on my novel. I bought a double espresso, sat down, flipped the screen up . . . and discovered I hadn't charged the goddamned battery. So I sat there for a while, sipping idly and occasionally tapping the "ON" button as if that might make some sort of difference. It's charging as I type this. I have no idea how long it takes. Hopefully no more than 30 minutes.

I'm quite excited over the discovery on Mars that I'm looking into. Today Dr. Horace Crater, a planetary geologist, noted that the parallelogram in Cydonia appears to exhibit tetrahedral geometry. Stan McDaniel of Sonoma State University added that he thought that this would be significant if confirmed. I personally think it would be far more than merely significant. If highly specific redundant mathematics are embedded on the surface of Mars, then the simplest explanation for their presence is intelligent design.

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