Saturday, November 01, 2003

I just received my third eyewitness assessment of the "alien" pictured here (see previous post). Here it is:

Doesn't fit my memory at all.

First, the proportions appear off. The head is longer. The eyes much larger. They almost wrap arount the head. The "ruffles have no ridges," like in the potato(e) chip. No ridges around the eyes. There are, from my memory, no features which provide prominances as in the photo above, which I've seen many times. It is also too wide at the top for the size to be proportionately correct.

The mouth is too large ... that is to say, long. The nose, too prominant. In fact ... This leaves quite a lot to be desired. However and having said all that, there are perhaps, more than one variety of these buggers. This may be one with which I am not familiar. Doubtful though.

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