Sunday, November 02, 2003

I received this somewhat cryptic email regarding the alien photo mentioned in previous posts:

Subject: Re: A lot of talk about your Alien photo

No sweat Bill, been tracking their conversations
using AXS. Guess the Bird Site is obscure.
Wait till they see (if ever) GW talking about Birds
and the Clock ref that shredded TS/MAJIC message
scotched taped back together ........Also, Kit & others
think that 3 Second Eben is real.......Rmc

I like the opening sentence about my (online) conversation being tracked with AXS -- whatever that is. Perhaps a Google search is in order.

I don't know what to make of the reference to TS/MAJIC, other than that "TS" clearly means "Top Secret" and "MAJIC" is a codeword for a possibly authentic working team mobilized to study crashed UFOs. I asked a colleague if he knew who "Kit" could be and he immediately linked the name to a high-level spook who's presumably had access to classified materials. By the way, the "Bird Site" is, where I found the most interesting pictures of the "EBEN" (Extraterrrestrial Biological ENtity).

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