Monday, January 31, 2005

"Behind the Mysteries: Bigfoot" (review by Loren Coleman)

With Kal K. Korff and kompany going after the Patterson-Gimlin footage like starved hyenas, this is a more-than-welcome perspective from someone who just might know what he's talking about . . .

"For all the pre-publicity notice about the filming of this National Geographic Channel's special 'man-in-the-suit re-creation' - promoted so overwhelmingly in Fortean Times - well, that segment is not used (probably because it clearly does not match the Patterson-Gimlin footage). Instead, the reenactment is played out up to the point the footage would have begun, and then the real P-G film is shown again. Bob Heironimus is shown walking the Bigfoot walk, in his overweight present state of being, with no comment on the fact he would have not looked this way when he was 26 or that he has been able to study the 'Bigfoot walk' all these years." (Via The Anomalist.)

(Amusing coincidence: As I was reading Coleman's review I received an email from someone with a domain.)

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