Sunday, January 30, 2005

Strange Occurences of 23

"According to Terry Alden, who has done significant research into numerological enigmas, Wilson relates his own observations to the works of Leary, Gurdjieff, Castaneda, and Crowley, and makes a case not easily dismissed that men are being contacted and experimented upon by more intelligent beings who share the universe with us. Members of this secret society are said to be in telepathic contact with advanced beings in the star system of Sirius. They use the number 23, and the eye-in-the-pyramid design of traditional occultism (or the Eye of Horus in ancient Egyptian symbolism) as their mystical seal and emblem."

On the site above, "23" appears on the cover of a Chick tract, proving once and for all that Sirians have a good sense of humor.

(Thanks, Ken.)

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