Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hurtubise says invention sees through walls

"Troy dreamed the Angel Light would be able to see through walls with window-like efficiency, and then built it with no blueprints, drawings or schematics.

"'I turned it on -- that was well over a year ago -- and it worked and it was really awesome.'

"Hurtubise said he could see into the garage behind his lab wall, and read the licence plate on his wife's car and even see the salt on it.

"'I almost broke my knuckles three or four times, because it was almost like you could step through the wall,' Hurtubise said.

"'You could be fooled into believing that you could actually walk through the wall and go touch the car.'"

If this is for real, then say goodbye to MRI and CAT scans . . .

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