Saturday, January 29, 2005

During our discussion on the way to the airport (where I disembarked at Door 23 on the 23rd of January, as recounted in a previous post), Peter and I discussed the famous Cash-Landrum UFO case, in which several people sighted a flaming, diamond-shaped craft escorted by military helicopters. Peter, a lawyer, had represented the witnesses in a personal injury lawsuit holding the government accountable for radiation exposure (presumably from an experimental aircraft test-flight gone awry).

It didn't occur to me until later that I'd read in a book that one of the witnesses to the incident had mentioned there had been 23 helicopters accompanying the unidentified craft. Peter checked to be sure, and while no witness seemed to have an exact count of how many helicopters were escorting the mysterious object (at least according to the reference at his disposal), the witnesses were positive there had been "at least 23" of them. So it wasn't quite the synchronicity it could have been. Yes, it was interesting that someone had volunteered the number 23 as an estimate, but it wasn't a conclusive figure (although this online account suggests otherwise).

Tonight, checking over comments left by Posthuman Blues readers, I discovered that Lockheed has just been granted a contract to build -- get this -- 23 helicopters for the U.S. military. The reader who left this comment had no idea I'd just been discussing the possibility of 23 'copters seen by UFO witnesses; it's almost as if the "23 helicopters" meme was determined to make itself known to me, in the process elevating the entire 23 phenomenon out of numerical obscurity.

Weird? I thought so.

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