Wednesday, January 05, 2005

There's been some arrestingly offbeat speculation by Ed Gehrman on UFO UpDates proposing the "alien" in the "alien autopsy" footage -- if an authentic cadaver and not FX trickery -- is a terrestrially evolved humanoid. This idea converges nicely with my own musings on earthly hominids developing a technological culture in relative seclusion.

For example, I've theorized that ancestors of the Flores "hobbits" (or a similar race) may have been forced to take up hidden residence in homo sapiens society. Moreover, the oral mythology surrounding the Flores beings has the general flavor of contemporary UFO occupant reports -- human abduction, etc. Even the physical appearance of "ufonauts" and the "hobbits" share interesting similarities; both are described as short, with large eyes and long arms.

There are notable anomalies in the "autopsy" film; the being is polydactyl with an out-sized head (rather than the comparably microcephalic head possessed by the Flores specimens) and lacks secondary sexual characteristics. These traits argue against a normal mammalian origin, prompting theories of genetic engineering (presumably at the hands of extrasolar aliens using human stock).

The "autopsy" footage has always intrigued me because the supposed alien looks far too human to be anything other than a close human relative. This could be explained if the being is

a.) a fake,

b.) a terrestrial genetic/surgical experiment,


c.) a "cryptohominid" that fell into government hands after a hardware malfunction -- possibly but by no means necessarily the famed "Roswell crash."

The national security implications of the latter would be at least as dramatic as the US government learning that its airspace was being penetrated by extraterrestrials -- and on an anthropological note, far more disturbing.

If the cryptohominid theory is accurate, then it provides a plausible motive for nonhuman craft to visit our nuclear installations and military bases, as UFOs have done for 50 years; fellow terrestrials may wish to determine the risk posed by emerging destructive technology or even attempt to thwart it. Coincidentally (?), the modern UFO phenomenon began shortly after the development of radar, reliable aircraft and atomic power -- three factors that may have justly aroused the concern of any secretive "aliens" in our midst. It's even possible the global conflict of the second World War forced cryptohominids to subtly intervene -- perhaps, as I wondered in a previous post, encouraging the popular conception of UFOs as spaceships from some other planet. One can hardly think of a better "cover-story."

Lastly, but by no means unimportantly, there is a vast overlooked literature of "little people" in our midst that extends from ancient legend to contemporary times. I'm aware of one first-hand narrative -- which I tend to accept as factual -- involving members of a race of diminutive nomadic humanoids that can successfully pass themselves off as members of "normal" society. They claim to predate known North American cultures and appear to have an abiding interest in at least some members of "visible" society. Could these strangers have achieved more, technologically, than they choose to let on in face-to-face contacts?

I think it's perfectly conceivable that at least one race of human-like beings could be sharing the planet with us. If they belong to an ancient, enduring civilization -- however seemingly disenfranchised -- it's probable they're smarter than us; contact, if desired, would be on their terms. In the meantime, it's near-impossible to guess how deeply their culture infringes on our own, or if our own intelligence agencies have been quietly scrambling, for the last half-century, to determine whether they represent friend, foe -- or something else entirely.

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