Monday, August 21, 2006

Calif. Woman Sues Over Mannequin Attack

A woman is suing the J.C. Penney Co. after an alleged run-in with a store mannequin that she says left her with a cracked tooth, a bloodied head and recurring shoulder pain.

Diana Newton, 51, of Westminster sued the Texas-based retailer last month in Orange County Superior Court, claiming she was cracked in the head by a legless female dummy at its Westminster Mall store.

Newton said the incident happened nearly a year ago in the women's department, as she was shopping for a blouse. The only one in her size was on the mannequin. As a salesclerk was removing the garment, the dummy's arm flew off and struck Newton's head, according to her lawsuit.

"I felt a burning sensation," she recalled.

(Via Signs of Witness.)


Ray Palm (Ray X) said...


Did you take the photo accompanying your post? Well, whoever did, it's a good shot -- especially if it was taken with a cellphone camera.

Sometimes I've photographed mannequins in store windows, trying to capture that feeling of artifical life, that human/non-human look.



Mac said...

Yeah, I took that with a $20 digicam I got in a drug store. For all of its limitations, I managed to take a few decent shots with it; it has an endearing tendency to make everything look blue and gauzy.

W.M. Bear said...

"I felt a burning sensation," she recalled.

You'd think she would have felt a whacking sensation.