Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I experienced some sort of hypnopompic episode last night. I was sleeping -- or at least trying to sleep -- on my side when I felt three distinct, evenly spaced jabs on my leg, so pronounced I actually heard them. Like karate chops, expect painless.

I suddenly had a dreadful certainty that someone was in the bedroom -- is this scenario sounding familiar yet? -- but had no idea who, or why, and the combination of darkness and the inability to open my eyes or lunge out of bed (I think part of me didn't want to move . . .) frightened me badly.

Finally, mobile and satisfied that no one had entered the apartment, I tried to reproduce the three jabs. A muscle spasm? Maybe. Probably. I tried to remember what I'd been dreaming, if anything, and dragged up only vague impressions that faded under scrutiny.


Dominus said...

Dreaming and reality are strange bedfellows. I've had a lot of anomalous experiences that would definitely worry me if they happened when I was dead awake. Why am I less worried, because they may have been only dreams?

Some things seem different than dreams.

Anonymous said...

bedbugs bite in 3s...