Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Study Shows How Secondhand Smoke Injures Babies' Lungs

UC Davis researchers today described in unprecedented biochemical and anatomical detail how cigarette smoke damages the lungs of unborn and newborn children.

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"Smoke exposure causes significant damage and lasting consequences in newborns," Pinkerton said. "This research has a message for every parent: Do not smoke or breathe secondhand smoke while you are pregnant. Do not let your children breathe secondhand smoke after they are born."

(Via Science Blog.)

As an unwitting suburbanite, I see lots of this. Infants trapped in smoke-filled SUVs, both parents puffing away with demonic zeal -- all so they can gorge themselves on "Frappuccinos" at Starbucks.

Someone, save these kids and send their fuckwit "guardians" to jail (where we'll let them smoke to their hearts' content). We're already seeing new generations besieged with toxin-related ailments. Autism is skyrocketing. The US administration doesn't give a damn about pollutants. So it's doubly appalling that so many parents have forsaken the well-being of their offspring for the sake of a nasty addiction.

I see these assholes in public, sickly kids in tow, and I want to slit my wrists.


Ray Palm (Ray X) said...


But you forget that those smoking yuppies are forgiven for indulging in that bad habit because they take natural vitamins and eat organic. It all balances out, especially when their kids learn to be natural and organic. [G]

On a serious note, my mother died from cigarette smoking. She smoked a lot. Growing up in such a household, I ended up with a severe allergy to tobacco. So I'm not pro-cigarette.

While I can understand the emotion behind your rant, I think you're being a bit overzealous in your condemnation. Anyway, if you slit your wrists, that's one less person to stare at stupid parents, inducing guilt in them.



razorsmile said...

and I want to slit my wrists

Their's first, I think.

Mac said...

Don't worry; I'm not going to slit anyone's wrists. But I'm still mad.

TWilliam said...

Hey, it could be a good thing Mac. Selfish f#cktards like that shouldn't have their genes perpetuated anyway...

On a related note, maybe you've noticed that there appears to be an epidemic of STUPID that seems to be gaining momentum amongst the 'Merkin population? I say do away with all these friggin' warning labels, rescind the helmet and seatbelt laws and let nature take it's course. Protecting people from their own idiocy is not a good thing...

JohnFen said...

"Someone, save these kids and send their fuckwit "guardians" to jail (where we'll let them smoke to their hearts' content)."

In Oregon, anyway, no smoking is allowed in jail, whether you're an inmate or not.