Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ocean Noise Has Increased Considerably Since 1960s

The authors of the study argue that the increase in noise documented off San Nicolas Island may be representative of the entire Northeast Pacific Ocean. To understand what impacts such noise might have on sound-dependent marine mammals and other sea life, the authors argue that repeated acoustic measurements at multiple sites are needed.

"The impact of the increased noise on marine animals is unknown," said Hildebrand. "If impacts are shown to exist, what can be done to protect marine animals? For instance, it may be appropriate to move shipping lanes away from areas where there are concentrations of marine animals. The impact of ocean noise pollution may be minimized by diminishing the noise source or by separating the noise from things that are sensitive to it."

If some indigenous "aliens" inhabit our oceans, could dramatically increased noise levels (to say nothing of the ever-thickening cocktail of pollutants) be related to the rise in UFO activity since the late 1940s?


NullSpin said...

I don't know if it necessairly tracks that our toxic effluence would impact a post singularity sister species in any way at all.
Of course thats idle speculation from an idle mind.

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