Friday, August 18, 2006

Here I am once again pimping Strieber's new novel . . .

New novel 'The Grays' uses fact-based fiction to tell amazing truths

A new book by well-known author Whitley Strieber promises to shed light on reports that our planet and individual people are being contacted in various ways by highly-advanced civilizations from other star systems and even other dimensions.

Strieber's novel THE GRAYS is due in bookstores August 22.

The book, which Strieber calls fact-based fiction, reflects his exploration of the visitation to Earth by mysterious beings and their contact with and abduction of humans.


W.M. Bear said...

Top of my list.

NullSpin said...

Sounds remarkable simlar to Macks assesment. Perhaps a little too cargo cultish for my sensiblites, of course I haven't read it....yet.

Mac said...

For better or worse, I think Mack and Strieber significantly influenced each other's interpretation of the experience.

Paul Kimball said...


That would be worse.

Your fascination for Streiber continues to baffle me. But no-one's perfect. :-)


Mac said...

I've written some pretty negative things about Strieber; he likes to think of himself as a martyr and a sage, and he's neither.

But he's a good writer -- when he tries -- and I tend to think he's indeed experienced some genuine weirdness.

Carol Maltby said...

It's okay to be fascinated by Streiber.

Agreeing with him, approving of him, or liking him don't necessarily go with that territory.