Monday, December 05, 2005

Here are "Elizabeth" (I really need to come up with a better pretend name) and I at Mars observation night at a university in Liberty, Missouri.

Although Mars was faint and colorless through the telescope, I was surprised we could make it out at all since the sky was all but sealed shut by clouds.


Cap'n Marrrrk said...

You make a good looking couple.

You could reveal her name you know. Is your life as a Martian Face Expert so fraught with Stalkers, Weirdoes and Spooks that you need to protect --------'s identification?

elizabeth said...

Mark, (hope the party was great, sorry we couldn't make it)
yes, believe it or not, there are a few "McStalkers" out there:)

Zorgrot said...

Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on him. That's what he gets for being a part of The Conspiracy!


Mac said...


If I so much as catch you looking at me I'm breaking my vegetarian vows and having duck for Christmas! You got that, bird-brain?

Carol said...

I don't suppose we could persuade you two to post as Mac and Cheese, could we? :)

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

You guys were missed, but I understand the logistics of the holidays. Call me when you guys hit town.

As for cyberstalkers, I'll take your word for it.

Gerald T said...

Mac has to keep the sentinels off his track.
My favorite part is when Elizabeth kisses Mac and brings him back to life!

Mac said...


"Mac and Cheese"!? What's got into you, woman?

Weevee: claxu (Hmmm--another uncatalogued Lovecraftian critter?)

Mac said...

Gerald T--

My favorite part is when Elizabeth kisses Mac and brings him back to life!

Wait a second -- who said I was dead?