Friday, December 16, 2005

Message in the Sky

We argue that the cosmic microwave background (CMB) provides a stupendous opportunity for the Creator of universe our (assuming one exists) to have sent a message to its occupants, using known physics. Our work does not support the Intelligent Design movement in any way whatsoever, but asks, and attempts to answer, the entirely scientific question of what the medium and message might be IF there was actually a message. The medium for the message is unique. We elaborate on this observation, noting that it requires only careful adjustment of the fundamental Lagrangian, but no direct intervention in the subsequent evolution of the universe.

This one has been making the rounds, and deservedly so. Thrilling concept.


Boogey_Man said...

I remember years and years ago reading a story where there was a message buried deep in Pi.

Hmmmm.... pie.

KennyJC said...

If there is a God that wants to create a universe with life, then why would he want to easily include evidence of his existence?

Look how dangerous the most religious regions of the world are already with only faith in God (the US and Middle East), with absolute knowledge everyone would throth at the mouth and start killing each other.

So God would have made it so that a civilisation becomes a little bit advanced, finds evidence of God, then blows the planet up.

Psychbloke said...

Wasn't the message written in the fjords of Norway?

W.M. Bear said...

I'm damned if that isn't one of the most original ideas I've come across in a LONG time. This kind of encoding of the cosmic background would actually be a way of "watermarking" the entire universe!

weevee: goihyg (Goihyg, goihyg, gone!)

Mac said...

Re. pi: In Carl Sagan's novel "Contact," humans discover that pi contains the signature of an "intelligence antedating the universe."

I don't think Sagan was the first to use this idea. If I'm not mistaken, it's a motif among Jewish mystics.