Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hey, everybody! It's time for . . .

The Me A-Z Meme

Accent: Midwestern. Kind of regionally anonymous, I think, although I couldn't pass for a Southerner or a New Yorker.

Booze: None. The heaviest thing I drink is Corona, which isn't too often.

Chore I Hate: Filling the basement with Gray Poupon mustard.

Dog or Cat: Cats, cats, cats, cats. And ferrets.

Essential Electronics: My laptop and cellphone.

Favorite Cologne: Why must men feel compelled to smell a certain way? Aren't our senses bombarded with enough useless information? I'm clean and well-groomed. If that's not good enough, then too damned bad.

Gold or Silver: Chrome.

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri.

Insomnia: Occasionally.

Job Title: "World-Famous Author." ;-)

Kids: Aside from having been one, and perhaps still being one in some respects, I don't have anything to do with them.

Living arrangements: Far, far from adequate.

Most admirable traits: Self-deprecation, stylishly understated eyeglass frames, nice ears.

Not going to cop to: I don't know what this means. Does "cop to" mean "own up to"?

Overnight hospital stays: None so far, thankfully. Knock wood.

Phobias: Centipedes and other big, meaty bugs that may or may not be capable of inflicting harm.

Quote: "The cryptoterrestrials are among us!"

Religion: No thanks.

Siblings: I'm an "only."

Time I wake up: As late as possible.

Unusual talent or skill: I know the difference between "its" and "it's."

Vegetable I love: Beans, because of their versatility.

Worst habit: Aspiring to my personal best.

X-rays: Dental, cranial, chest, etc. No anomalies worth mentioning.

Yummy foods I make: Red Baron microwave pizza.

Zodiac sign: Leo.

(Encountered at Busy, Busy, Busy.)

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