Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloning Said to Yield Human Embryos

Scientists at a small biotechnology company say they have used cloning to create human embryos from the skin cells of two men.

The work represents a step toward the promise of creating personalized embryonic stem cells that could be used for medical treatments. Although the embryos grew only to a very early stage, the work could also theoretically be seen as a step toward creating babies that are genetic copies of other people.

(Via The Anomalist.)

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W.M. Bear said...

So, will someone who sets up couples for illegal cloning of one or the other partner to produce offspring that's an exact genetic replication of the parents be called a "clone arranger" and have to wear a mask to conceal his or her identity?

"Who was that masked man, dear?"

"That was no masked man, that was the Clone Arranger...."

(Abject apologies to everyone. This pun has been lurking for decades. Had to get it out of my system, finally! ;-)