Saturday, January 12, 2008

Communist Robot: striking videos of Japanese exoskeletons.


wintermuse x9 said...

Note how, at 1:20 into the third video down, on the back of the white (with blue accents) exoskeleton, you can see the name "CYBERDYNE" and "HAL" below that. Someone has a sense of humor.

HAL, in this case, refers to Hybrid Assistive Limb, not the homicidal AI (HAL 9000) in "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Cyberdyne Systems Corporation is the _fictional_ company that developed the AI computer defense network for NORAD called Skynet that then evolved the killer robots/cyborgs in the "Terminator" films (T1/T2).

BTW, Skynet is also the name of a British/NATO secure, satellite-based military communications system originating in 1969.

So, here we have a simultaneous case of where art not only imitates life, but real life imitates art.

Funny, ain't it? 8^}

Mac said...

I noticed. Very cute!