Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Culture of Contact Episode 21: Miggety Mack Tonnies Shows Us The Study, Y'all

Cryptoterrestrial theorist Mac Tonnies brings the study on this episode about aliens, cryptos, Martians, alleged monuments on the moon, Rich Hoagland and so much more. How much? How about a suprise phone call from a famous talk show host? How about Mac finally spilling the beans on the state of ufology today? How about all of that and even more, huh? How about it?!


Anonymous said...

Tag team the twins from Seattle in episode 22!... looking forward to it!


Mac said...

I listened to the podcast last night. I sound way too mumbly. I need to work on that.

tonto said...

Miggety? What mean that, white man?

dad2059 said...

Good interview Mac.

You should promote your theory more, it's interesting and a good take.