Monday, January 14, 2008

I have no idea what I am talking about
I'm trapped in this body and can't get out

--Radiohead, "Bodysnatchers"


Anonymous said...

I know that feeling.

dad2059 said...

I'm waiting to trade in this old beat up one.

Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I've not been the same since my alien abduction in 1991, so I sure know the feeling!
Bill Eatock

T. Sena said...

All I have to say is: RECKONER.


Mac said...

"Reckoner" -- wow, what a song!

W.M. Bear said...

Every time I think about reincarnation (in which I believe, BTW), I think, "Oh gawd, do I have to go through all that shit AGAIN???"

weevee: bnraijaz -- Almost spells "brain jazz"