Friday, January 11, 2008

Kevin Randle ("Roswell Revisited," "The Abduction Enigma") eviscerates CSICOP -- er, "CSI."

The most immediately obvious problem with this group (at least to those familiar with the other side of the argument) is its selective use of information -- or outright omission, if that serves its skewed definition of "skepticism." CSI, ironically, has evolved into a sort of pseudointellectual cult.

After all, no one listens to them except the mainstream media.

Also: Take a look at a real-life flying saucer!

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Anonymous said...

Two articles, one by a co-founder of CSICOP (Dennis Rawlins), and the second by CSICOP Fellow (Richard Kammann) who left the organization as a result of the CSICOP coverup of something called the "Mars Effect". Read carefully--they are very revealing.