Thursday, January 17, 2008

UFOs As Metaphors (Greg Bishop)

In his most recent public interview Jacques Vallee said something very important just before he was cut off for a commercial. If I am remembering correctly, the quote was "What we are finding is that our universe may be a subset of something else."

The UFOs may be a "subset of something else" as well. They may be a projection into our awareness of something that is immediately seized upon and molded by our expectations to become silvery disks and bug-headed aliens. Of course, the UFO enigma may be exactly what we expect and believe it to be, but we have no objective way of proving this as yet.

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dad2059 said...

Sounds like the creating reality as we go along meme the Bu$hco Posse's been using for seven years.

I can't believe collapsing wave function as a subset of something larger as a cause of perception, but what the heck, it's as good as anything else and none of that has worked yet.