Monday, January 14, 2008

Yoga and the Elements (Rudy Rucker)

I had a hallucination like that in 1965, I was a college student, and an upperclassman had given me a couple of peyote cactus buds he'd gotten by mail-order from a Texas garden supply company. I'd eaten the buds and puked them up, and I was over at some friends' house, and I imagined their kitchen was amphitheater-like classroom full of students, and that I was giving a lecture on Special Relativity -- a subject about which I then knew almost nothing. It was a precognitive hallucination, for in 1977 I was in fact a professor lecturing on the mathematics of Special Relativity in an amphitheater-like classroom at SUNY Geneseo. The wisdom of the spiny bud.

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