Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kevin Randle responds to the demands of self-appointed UFO expert Phil Plait here and here.


intense said...

Phil Plait is simply displaying his vast ignorance of the historical record of ufo phenomenology, plus either his inability or unwillingness to address the issues objectively, and basically reflects a debunking, not skeptical, viewpoint full of false presumptions about facts he doesn't know about or chooses to ignore.

As such, he is no "ufo expert" or even capable of objective scientific analysis. He functions more as a conventional media ideologue offering misleading rhetorical games to support his own false contentions. He fails to convince or impress anyone serious and knowledgeable about the issues related to the ufo phenomenon or the overriding question involved of non-human intelligence.

Since Aug. 4 of 2008 he has been president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, which, based on JREF's checkered history of debunking, should tell anyone concerned all they need to know about Plait's inherent lack of analytical acumen, honesty, and integrity. He blithely lies about known facts, which is par for the JREF course.

Here's a taste of Plait from two recent blog postings of his:


Aliens? Yes. UFOs? No.

Mac said...

Thanks. I didn't realize Plait was involved with Randi's group. Ugh.