Saturday, January 10, 2009

My favorite proposed explanation for the recent "wind turbine UFO":

Unidentified Flying Octopoid: Return of the Sky Squid?

Now, this new description of the UFO seen over Lincolnshire, England, has been described as something very similar to a "real" Sky-Squid; or perhaps more appropriately in this case, an "Unidentified Flying Octopus". Could this object have been something bizarre along the lines of Trevor James Constable's "critters", which he long ago supposed might inhabit our atmosphere?

(Via UFOMystic.)

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Intense said...

Well, Mac, the "flying octopus ufo" explanation may be your favorite (I tend to favor a Cthuluan flying spaghetti monster myself, but epicurean tastes differ) but, of course, it certainly is not the cause of this rather prosaic wind turbine blade failure, regardless of what Rupert Murdoch's notorious British tabloid, The Sun, would have their more gullible readers think.

I did appreciate the delicious little "mysterious" detail from The Sun that the turbine blade that broke off, and mangled one of the others, was "missing," but this too is, alas, untrue. The fallen blade is already on its way to Germany for forensic metal fatigue analysis by the manufacturer.

It should be noted that if you see any UFO-related story in The Sun, it will be a gross confabulation, as is most of the content of that dubious rag. It's the British equivalent of the old Weekly World News, of Batboy fame, only far less amusing.

As for the truth, see the following:

Apparently, despite the flurry of news website and bloggers' frenzied initial coverage, there was a fireworks display celebrating an 80-year old man's birthday nearby the wind farm the evening before the turbine's blade collapsed and fell to the ground several hours later, at around 4 am the following morning.

Apparently a couple distant observers had seen the fireworks the night before the blade failure, saw moving glowing balls and trails of light descending from far away near the wind farm (exactly as would be perceived by several kinds of starburst or chrysanthemum type fireworks) and the following day, after the turbine failure became known, erroneously added 2+2 to come up with 5, or reckless, clumsy octopoid tentacular ufos. Go figure.