Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Whitley Strieber writes (wisely, I think):

Our destiny is live in question, to struggle and wonder. And, I believe, after what happened these last few days, that this is, perhaps, our true glory and our blessing. We can bow before the grandeur of God and the vastness of the mystery that surrounds us. We can know it. But we can never, finally and forever, bring it into focus.


Justin said...

Do you know if the boys at The Paracast have ever turned their laser beam eyes on Whitley Strieber? As far as I can tell they haven't, but I imagine that would be an entertaining episode.

Mac said...

Good question. Strieber would be a dynamite guest, although my bet would be that he'd turn down any media exposure that might challenge his perceived status within the fringe "community." Maybe I'm wrong.