Monday, January 05, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know embedding content from The Onion is lazy blogging, but I'm all for making exceptions.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


purrlgurrl said...

I had a manual toy typewriter that worked something like this when I was a little kid back before you were a gleam in your daddy's eye. Of course it didn't have intuitive sentence completion (something I would have turned off even then). Now that I'm a big girl, I can type faster than that Mac wheel can spin. But you gotta' give them Apple folks credit for marketing savvy. Nobody can touch them.

Tim said...

It's just a joke. The Onion does a great job with these segments.

purrlgurrl said...

Thanks Mac and Tim. Obsessive Web surfer that I am, I was unfamiliar with The Onion. What a wacky and wonderful site! By the way, I sincerely believe the Kindle is a joke.