Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Much has been made of the recently sighted "sheep circle," but the blogosphere is still curiously silent regarding the shopping-cart circle I blogged last year.

Wait -- is that a black helicopter circling my apartment?


Anonymous said...

Re: "sheep circle"

"Since the event he has been searching for an explanation but those experienced in working with sheep say Mr Bird could be disappointed.

Farm manager at Herefordshire College of Technology, Dan Seaborne, said: "I just think they've been fed with dry feed in that shape - you can get snacker feeders now and you tow behind a quad and it drops pellets on the ground.

"I would imagine that's what's happened."

He added: "I think there was a chap in Yorkshire who spelled out 'will you marry me' to his girlfriend in sheep by putting feed down."


Mac said...

No, no, those sheep were acting out commands emanating from their alien brain implants! Get your facts straight!

Anonymous said...

Oh, well, if you say so. I sheepishly sit corrected.

Anonymous said...

Anon -- So YOU'RE the little friend who debunked Santa Claus to Virginia....

(Seriouly, a feed circle -- actually ellipse -- was my first thought, too. Now, when the sheep start assuming complex fractal formations....)