Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Are science fiction cars your bag? Do you drool over the "spinners" from "Blade Runner"? This post is for you.

Also: Diligently pursuing the sexbot meme.


Greg Bishop said...

If you want a sci-fi looking car that you can actually own (late next year, anyway) check out the Aptera. It supposed to get 300 MPG using a small gasoline motor that charges the batteries for the electric ones that drive the car. I've always wondered why this hadn't been done, and now it has.

I really want one!!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the Aptera just last week. I have no problem with small light cars, but on the Interstate or other highway systems they need to be segregated from the SUV's and Trucks by a barrier. They will be crushed in any type of altercation with the big heavies.

My wife just got a Civic Hybrid and it's getting 44 mpg highway. Not great but with oil hitting 100 bucks a barrel yesterday, still beats the 15 to 18 she was getting.

Also, the Cherry 2000 model wasn't bad to look at, but I'd take Rachael anyday...anyday!


wintermuse x9 said...

Heh. Now that I've dispensed with the drooling, I should say the coolest REAL car I know of is the land-speed record breaking dual-jet car Thrust SSC (supersonic--it broke the sound barrier at Black Rock Desert many years ago now, achieving a staid, studly 763 mph!)

As to the io9 references, my choice would be the spinner. Either that or the rocket-powered Ford truck in Buckaroo Banzai-- after all, it can go through mountains and into the 8th dimension! Beat that, and laugha while you can, monkey boy! He! 8^}