Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oooh arrrr not alone anymore

Kelvin Barbery snapped the mystery object from a coastal path between Swanpool and Maenporth, near Falmouth.

In a weird twist, Kelvin, 55, did not even see the UFO at the time.

He thought he was just taking a sea view -- but when he loaded the digital camera card on to his computer, the round metallic "craft" was in the centre of the shot, about two miles away.

Looks like a gull to me. (And what's with that idiotic headline?)


Steve said...

Ooh Arr" (Devon) — multiple meanings, including "Oh Yes". Popularised by the Wurzels, this phrase has become stereotypical, and is used often to mock speakers of West Country dialects.

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit like a B2 bomber from just the correct viewing angle angle.


mr. intense said...

Given the grammatical context, Ooh Arr must mean You Are, but it's still just as stupid.

As is the blurred photo of the seagull as "Ooh! A UFO!"

The Sun is one of Britain's more notoriously low-brow tabloids. Page 3 girls, and all that, mate. Think the English equivalent of the Weekly World News but with laughable pretensions to journalistic legitimacy.

I can only hope that Nick Pope was misquoted, but if not, he's descended into the "believer" camp to promote himself and his bookish financial interests, and has lost whatever discriminatory abilities he may have had. A pox on the house of The Sun!

Tony F. said...

Of course he didn't see it, it wasn't there when he took the picture. He certainly did see it when he opened Photoshop and added it to the picture!

It's all about chronology.

Anonymous said...

If that looks like a sea gull, you have been in Kansas City too long.
It looks like a ufo. If it is or isn't I don't know, but to call it a gull is rediculous.
You've become so defensive about your beliefs, that you can only see what you would expect to see anywhere else but Mars.