Monday, March 31, 2008

The fifth issue of FLURB is live. Dig in!


John Malcovich said...

One of the stories in this ish of Flurb (Bisson's "Captain Ordinary") makes reference to the secret spacetime portal in certain Starbucks:

"Unnoticed by all except a select few, every third Starbucks has a narrow door between the broom closet and the unisex john/jane. Captain Ordinary’s decaf soy latte order got him the key."

I have to ask--can you confirm if this is indeed true?

Mac said...

I have to ask--can you confirm if this is indeed true?

I wouldn't know. It's *decaf*, man!

Being palmer eldritch said...

That's spelled "Malkovich," bonehead! And get out of our minds!

no longer being john malkovich said...

Hey! I paid my $200 for my 15 minutes--I'll leave when my time is up, get dumped by the side of some Jersey turnpike, and not before!

for clarification regarding this weirdly involuted debate.]

But, thanks for the spelling correction re: "Malkovich."

Ahem. Well, Mac, all I can suggest regarding Bisson's spacetime portal allegation is, if some client orders a decaf soy latte, keep an eye on them to see where they go, or if they try to use some key to get into Starbucks broom closet! 8^}