Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some late-breaking goodness from UFOMystic:

First off, Greg Bishop on the perils of belief:

When applied to the space outside our heads, belief systems tend to block progress towards understanding. Futher noise is introduced when emotions are tied to beliefs, which puts up a mental filter on information, some of which may threaten the belief system. Primate territorialism rears its de-evolutionary head. Suspension of belief and disbelief, at least in areas that have not been proven (like UFOs) seems like a more fruitful and enjoyable course.

Secondly, Nick Redfern on (gulp!) me:

I first became acquainted with the work of this intense, yet fun, thirty-something coffee-fiend in 2004 when Patrick Huyghe sent me a copy of Mac's newly-published book After the Martian Apocalypse - a detailed study of the controversy surrounding the so-called "Face on Mars" and other, seemingly anomalous structures on the red planet.

(For anyone wondering, I'm 32.)

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