Sunday, October 26, 2008

Australia bans word 'drought' as too upsetting for farmers

The group also warned farmers to get used to the lack of rain because dry conditions are expected to continue.

"Words like drought . . . have negative connotations for farm families," a report by the Drought Policy Review Expert Social Panel found.

Oh, I like this idea! Hey, let's ban the words "global warming" too! And how about "famine" and "species dieback" while we're at it?


Gareth said...

Oh shit. This country really has gone off the deep end.

We (Australia) regularly ban video games for having content such as graffiti, sexual references and drug references. Note that these are ADULT products with ratings indicating as such.

Not good enough for Aus though, and theyve rightly been banned.

This latest banning though, the word drought, is beyond absurd.

Rand said...

Check out Aussies internet filtering plans.