Thursday, October 16, 2008

Richard Hoagland's latest:

Rosetta Flies By "Something" Very Strange

I plucked the following two paragraphs at random. Unfortunately, they pretty much say it all.

The simplest model for all this -- the one that best explains all these remarkable observations -- is that "Steins" is, indeed, an artificial object ... that has suffered, as Rosetta scientist Uwe Keller termed it, "a complex collision[al] history."

This Enterprise "artificial" model predicts that, because of those collisions, one entire half of this small celestial body has suffered massive stripping of a former, highly reflective "outer casing" or "outer hull"--


Anonymous said...

I hafta admit, Hoagland spins a good yarn!

When I first saw the Rosetta pictures, I wondered how long it would be before somebody brought up how "symmetrical" it appeared.

I did notice the ESA's Osiris symbolism and that's not surprising.

But comparing Horus with Steins is an huge bite to swallow, even coming from Hoagland.

And that's something coming from me!

Mac said...

I enjoy Hoagland's rants. But my enjoyment is couched in the realization that he's spewing entertainment, not science in any true sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious at this point that his site is a funnel system that leads to his book.

Hook th relevant people through the free outrageously outrageous info in the website, and they will more than likely buy one of his books.

I have a confession to make: Im going to buy Dark Mission. Just to 1) be entertained 2) see how nuts he really is.

Mac said...

Chances are, if you've followed his online postings, you've already read a great deal of "Dark Mission."

Be warned: the thing's a mass of typos.