Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Copenhagen Suborbitals shooting for human in space

This ain't no SpaceShipOne. Copenhagen Suborbitals is a Danish group of maverick researchers hoping to launch a human being into space on a rocket booster vehicle. The nosecone holds one astronaut in an upright position, "with a full view through a polymer plexiglas-dome to experience the entire ballistic ride."


Philip Shropshire said...

Yeah, that looks like it could be a space trip and funeral all wrapped up into one.

And somewhat offtopic for the post but on topic for the blog your thoughts on this latest authentic UFO footage:

Anonymous said...


The video you note, featured in the British tabloid newspaper cited, the Sun, is a rather amateurish and notorious fake, often referred to within the UFO community as the Kumburgaz, Turkey "UFO" (and only part of a series of lame videos, which were made by a night security guard named Yalcin Yalman, and heavily promoted by a Turkish "ufologist" named Haktan Akdogan, head of something called the "Sirius UFO Space Science Research Centre" in Turkey).

The same guard produced a number of faked videos last year, and is doing it again this year. They are all hoaxes, and are generally dismissed completely by serious UFO researchers.

If you see a UFO story, picture, or video featured in the Sun, it is almost certain to be bogus. The Sun is the British equivalent of the Weekly World News or the old National Enquirer, only worse, in terms of legitimacy.

Mac said...


Thanks for the insight re. the hokey-looking Turkish "UFO." I didn't know the back-story but definitely smelled a rat, which is why I never bothered posting the footage here.