Saturday, October 25, 2008

It just keeps getting scarier:

Christian right intensifies attacks on Obama


Anonymous said...

Just another confirmation that Obama is NOT part of the NWO, right wing, fanatic, rapture inducing crowd.

The more they attack, the more I know he's the perfect man for the job.

Mac said...

Yep. If the nut-jobs are *this* fanatical then he must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone say that Barak is the perfect man for the job. I would truly like to know what his qualifications are. What has he ever been in charge of? What has he ever led? I am honestly tired of the advertisements that do nothing but put down one candidate or the other. Why can't the candidates tell us why they are qualified for the job of president instead of telling us why their opponent is not qualified. I do not trust either one of the men that are running for the oval office at all. Can anyone give me a reason to vote for either? I don't think I can honestly with good concience vote for Obama. McCain is not inspiring my lever pulling finger either. So why waste my time.

Anonymous said...

Answering "anonymous" question; If you are genuinely an "undecided voter" then it's pretty simple. You are grossly overcomplicated your thinking here. Forget the candidates as individuals, we could argue FOX news, soap opera style all day long. Look instead to the actual track record of the parties involved. More to the point, was the last 8 years of Republican control a good thing for America or your family (in the ways that count; financial, health, education, global standing, environmental) compared to the previous 8? If your answer is "yes" or "I don't know" then you are either part of the 10% extremely wealthy, or you are being disingenuous, or you really need to look at recent political history with a finer comb.

Its pretty clear to me that in a flawed 2 party system, you pick the party that will take you down ANY road which diverts away from the train wreck that the last 8 years has been.


Mac said...

Quite honestly, Obama never looked that good to me. Then someone named Sarah Palin came on the scene and all of that changed.

Anonymous said...

I usually vote a Contrarian ticket, but not this time. This time it's obvious to me a vote for the Republicans is a suicide vote for the country. If you doubt that, just read the Republican platform and realize the Evangelicals have exerted undue influence over political thinking in that party. That's the scariest thing for me.

As for Obama, well the best thing he's got going is he's not them. He can actually speak in a language that most of us recognize instead of the Orwelian crap we have been served up for the past 8 years. He has not only read the Constitution, a refreshing change to be sure, but he majored in it and displays an intelligence that would also offer a refreshing change.

Power corrupts, an old adage that seems to hold true, and the party currently in power is proof positive that a change is required to at least adjust the balance of that power in the best interest of "regular" people.

The democrats are no angels and I am no Polyanna. I am voting Obama because there are clear differences in the approach to government between the two parties. This blog is not exactly the place for politics, but we can't ignore the implications that politics have on our daily lives, so I have offered my 2 cents, for what ever it's worth.(not much I suppose)