Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Schirmer Abduction (Kevin Randle)

Finally there is the drawing that Schmirer [sic] made of what the aliens looked like. Here is a point where the contamination might be seen. The alien leader [. . .] with the diver’s hood and the single earphone resembles the aliens in Mars Needs Women, which, coincidentally, had played in theaters only a few months before the sighting and regression. It is an image that has not been repeated in the UFO literature with any regularity.

It does suggest, however, that some of the details that appear in the UFO literate have their foundations in science fiction, both the movies and the magazines. So, when UFO researchers tell us that there is no influence by science fiction, they are mistaken.

Compare and contrast Randle's perspective with that of Terence McKenna, who describes a fascinating first-hand UFO experience in the following clip:

"As I watched, the clouds recoalesced over the next two minutes or so in the same way that they had divided apart. The symmetry of this dividing and rejoining, and the fact that the smallest clouds were all the same size, lent the performance an eerie air, as if Nature herself was suddenly to become the tool of some unseen organizing agency."

"It was, if you ask me -- and there is no one else, really, than one can ask -- either a holographic image of a technical perfection impossible on Earth today or it was the manifestation of something which in that instance chose to begin as mist and end as machine but which could have appeared in any form: a manifestation of a humorous something's omniscient control over the world of form and matter."

In my own opinion, Randle's link between Hollywood sci-fi and the Schirmer abduction is probably spurious -- but does it even matter? The UFO phenomenon seems to deliberately engage us in a dialogue of images culled from memories both personal and collective. What's to prevent it from recasting alien invaders from a "B" movie if it furthers its attempts to communicate with us, if that is indeed its ultimate goal?


Bruce Duensing said...

Your piece was fascinating inasmuch there seems to be some synchronicity afoot.I just published a piece at Intangible Materiality on how the terms of language may supersede a reality with no terms, and so the semiotics of language are so entangled in consciousness, they are in of themselves, a quasi reality that is much like a container, or lens we are embedded within. Where is the separation between terms as a predestined reality and cognition? So, in your post about UFOs I see another correspondence with ghost phenomenon in UFO phenomenon. A good read as always

dmduncan said...

So long as it does not recast alien invaders from an A movie, like the one directed by Mr. Ridley Scott, then I'm cool.

So here's to hoping that its ultimate goal is not scaring the shit out of us.

Erich Kuersten said...

I think you need to see it all in vice versa as well - we have these aliens in science fiction because they come to creative people in a different way, as creative ideas-- that less creative people need to see "physically." Read the very excellent book "Field Guide to Demons" by Patrick Harpur wherein he discusses this merging of the "real" and the "vividly imagined" into some larger truth. The answer lies in the transcending of the illusion that there is a difference between fact and fiction.

Joseph Capp said...

It seems that researcher assume that Ets are gathering these imagoes from our minds. Why can't they be taking it from our TV sets. Do we always have to look for these complicated explanations.

Why wouldn't they just our TV and movie images. To communicate. This preoccupation with making the ETs some type of non flesh and blood being is for me allot of wishful thinking. So flesh and so spiritual that they can't say hello.Can't it just be they simply use these icons as a type of control and communications. The idea that people are making up these images from TV is nonsense. Why don't we see all the other images portrayed on these show. Running crabs that attract like on Outer Limits or all the other icons from the sci Fy show. Three eyes was shocker in space aliens or three arms that is another big one never heard of those.

As long as UFO researchers give credence to this nonsense We will always be wasting year on nonsense. Like we did on MOGUL. WE would have done much better laughing at this stupid nonsense publicly all the time...come on really... two intelligence officer who guarded the atomic bomb spend a day out there in the scorching desert to pick up rubber and balsa wood?

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog

dmduncan said...

Joe, there's actually room for all these possibilities. UFOs are lots of different things. Some of them are just misperceptions of ordinary things, like balloons. Some of them may be top secret military projects. Some of them may be mental projections. And some of them may really be aliens. Looking for one explanation to cover all UFO sightings does not work.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the relatively common "ufo phenomenon" involving orange-colored floating balls of self-illuminated energy are a so far unrecognized rare natural phenomena, most likely created under certain combined atmospheric and geomagnetic conditions, possibly also involving the effect of solar-orginated space weather on our atmosphere/magnetic fields.

There are just too many sightings involving this form of "ufo" to not be prosaic or natural in some manner over the last few decades.

And I differentiate between this particular phenomena and the increasingly common (especially in England over the last year or so) airborne floating "Chinese lantern" "phenomenon," which, of course, is entirely man-made.

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