Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 Ways to Build a Cult-Like Following

Recently I was contacted by a very successful Internet marketer who asked me what I would suggest to someone who wanted to create a cult-like following.

This is right down my ally so I gave him some very good advice that he couldn't wait to put into action but the question got me thinking. What steps are there for anyone who wants people to want his/her attention and wisdom?

(Via Reality Carnival.)

If this list doesn't bring to mind certain fringe "researchers," I don't know what will.


platts42 said...

You have to disregard "square" or outdated morals in favor of your own code. Then you must forbid all following males to have sex with their spouses and they must give them to you as a test of their faith.

W.M. Bear said...

Thanks, Mac. I'm off to go sit on top of Mt. Washington and be a guru! Out of the closet at last!

Carol Maltby said...

You mean #11, "Call your organization a ship and say you are the Captain"? ;)

(Sorry Marrrrk, I wasn't referring to you)

It was a useful list for discerning those who might want to manipulate would-be disciples.

But -- and this is a very big caveat -- I could see practically every point also applying to those who have genuine leadership, wisdom, and access to information that is not usually obtained in ordinary reality.

Some (or maybe even much) of the wisdom is in knowing the difference. You may have would-be frauds who give good value in spite of their intentions. Or mostly enlightened teachers who have some human flaws they have not yet overcome.

Carol Maltby

platts42 said...

Blame the Jews. You can't forget that. To be an effective cult leader, you have have an enemy and be persecuted.

No offense taken Carol. Everyone knows that where the Cap'n is, Bliss soon follows. At least it would if the Feds weren't constantly out to shut me down.

W.M. Bear said...

At least it would if the Feds weren't constantly out to shut me down.

#12 Advertise yourself widely as possible as being persecuted by the federal government. People will flock to your cause!