Monday, December 25, 2006

Disappearing world: Global warming claims tropical island

Rising seas, caused by global warming, have for the first time washed an inhabited island off the face of the Earth. The obliteration of Lohachara island, in India's part of the Sundarbans where the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers empty into the Bay of Bengal, marks the moment when one of the most apocalyptic predictions of environmentalists and climate scientists has started coming true.

But . . . but "global warming" is just a myth perpetuated by Leftist troop-hating fear-mongers!


Ed said...

Anthropoegenic global warming is just a myth perpetuated by Leftist troop-hating fear-mongers. Global warming is also happening on Mars (visible shrinking in the polar caps over the last 40 years) and on Jupiter (the formation of a new earth-sized storm, the "red spot junior" or Oval BA, over the last decade).

W.M. Bear said...

Hate to sound like I've gone over the Dark Side here, but the article did not clearly connect rising sea levels with the submerging of the island. (In fact, because the article implied such a connection without actually demonstrating one, I found it to be less than adequate as science journalism. Environmentalism is not well served by simply making up connections like this.) My own understanding of the CURRENT effect of climate change on sea level is that this has, so far meant a few inches increase at most, hardly enough to completely submerge an island, I'd think. (Now PROJECTED increases in sea level over the next century are a whole nother can o' worms, but not YET! -- Soon enough, soon enough.)

Ed -- You're simply wrong. Human causes in the form of various pollutants have been demonstrated repeatedly to be a factor in global warming. Increased solar radiation (which is causing the warming on Mars and Jupiter) is ALSO a factor but there's not bloody much we can do about that, is there? However, we CAN do something about the anthropogenic component and the fact that the solar component is exacerbating the effect should make us act all that much more expeditiously.