Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nick and Greg "researching."

Comrades Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop have started a joint paranormal blog, UFOMystic. I think this should be a pretty good show.


Uh-oh. Take a look at this.

Picture of the Day

In October of this year, me, Greg Bishop, Mac Tonnies, Stan Friedman, Robert Zimmerman and Will Wise took a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where we were all speaking at Paul Kimball's New Frontiers Symposium. At lunch on the day after the conference, something amazing happened: as he sat down for lunch, an astounded Mac was greeted by the sight of a mini-flying saucer that apparently appeared out of nowhere. A look of joy came over Mac's face as he expected to see the saucer spew out a tiny crew of crypto-terrestrials. His glee turned to sadness, however, when it turned out to be just a plate of seafood after all. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

I'm not sure which is more disturbing: my look of glee or The Hairline.


W.M. Bear said...

Definitely your look of glee! :-)

Mac said...

I look f-cking *weird* in that picture. I love it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I just saw that photo of you in the current Fortean Times.

Mac said...

I'm in Fortean Times? Cool.

Anonymous said...

Yep FT218:40-41 has the report on the New Frontiers Symposium which includes the photo and 3 paragraphs on your talk - the first being:

It was then the turn of Mac Tonnies to take the stage. An intense thirty-something seemingly fuelled by vast amounts of Starbucks coffee and not much else, Tonnies is the author of After the Martian Apocalypse - a balanced look at the 'Face on Mars' controversy - and the acclaimed www.posthumanblues.blogspot.com. But it was not the ancient past of Mars that he had in his sights today. Rather, it was the future of the human species that he wished to discuss - and it was a lecture not without controversy.

Sounds like you owe him a drink for the pimpage ;)

Mac said...

Yeah, it sounds like I owe this guy an espresso. Make that a double-shot! ;-)

I'll pick up a copy tonight at Barnes & Noble.

Thanks for the heads-up, Emp.

Mac said...


What month is the issue? I looked at the Dec. issue and didn't see it...