Saturday, December 16, 2006

A mouse can scare the cat away

Using an animal as part of your lego creation. A 'behaviour block' can track the behaviour of the animal inside. This behavior is the nused to drive the Lego creation. This way the creation gets alive, and the animal can get enhance possibilities: a mouse can scare the cat away!

You know that mechanized worksuit Sigourney Weaver dons for the final showdown in "Aliens"? It's sort of like that.


W.M. Bear said...

Wow, that is just plain cool. Unfortunately, the possibilities for military evil also seem enormous. I started wondering just how much you could train an animal to do with that kind of mechanical enhancement! You could give a dolphin arms and legs....

Mac said...

You might be able to augment a dolphin for an existence on land, but how sure are we that dolphins would comply with our instructions?

I'm of the opinion that *any* technological advance, whether a genuine leap forward or a "mere" gizmo, potentially lends itself to evil. As usual, it's up to us.