Tuesday, December 19, 2006

UFOs Coming In 2007 (Nick Redfern)

This year is now almost over; so, I thought it would be an ideal time to tell you about a few notable things that will be of definite interest to the UFO community in 2007.

First and foremost from my perspective, at least, will be Mac Tonnies' book on Crypto-terrestrials.

Uh-oh -- the pressure's on!



Carol Maltby said...

You probably have said it and I missed it, so maybe it's time for a recap.

What do you think would distinguish a crypto-terrestrial from an ultra-terrestrial?

wearethemetrons said...

as Stanton is saying over at UFO updates- where's the evidence? it might be hard to actually finish a book if there aint any... or just make up some bullshit...plenty of UFO books just do that to try and sell a few...

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to reading this book - I've given the subject much thought since you announced your intentions - I'm curious as to whether some of your speculation in fact matches my own.
The best of luck with your writing! ;)

Mac said...


"Ultraterrestrial" is John Keel's word, which he uses to describe beings that exist on other levels of a "superspectrum" akin to Jacques Vallee's multiverse.

With the crypto idea, I'm dispensing of the need for parallel worlds and suggesting that the "aliens" are right here, right now.


Thanks! :-)