Thursday, December 14, 2006

According to the Odd Emperor, the current issue of Fortean Times describes me as "an intense thirty-something seemingly fueled by vast amounts of Starbucks coffee and not much else" . . . which is, in fact, scathingly accurate.

Update: The description accompanies a review of the New Frontiers Symposium by the ubiquitous Nick Redfern. And I should clarify that my use of the word "scathingly" in no way suggests I don't like his reportage. On the contrary, it's refreshing to read a balanced, humorous account of my presentation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mac,
The source of the description is an article by Nick Redfern about The New Frontiers Symposium - I don't suppose he intended to be scathing, just give an honest appraisal.
I was really pleased to see the article as it means extra publicity both for yourself, Paul Kimball and next year's event.

Mac said...

Don't misunderstand: I like the description! I had the feeling Redfern was behind it! ;-)