Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Car-crushing, fire-breathing robot for sale

The Robosaurus, created 17 years ago by Monster Robots in Southern California, will be sold with no minimum price during the auction, which takes place January 12 to 20. The machine, which is controlled by a pilot who sits in a cockpit inside the dinosaur's head, comes complete with stainless steel teeth that can rip into and twist metal with 20,000 pounds of crushing force.

(Via Ectoplasmosis.)

Oh, how I'd like to tool around in one of these for a day or two of raw, unrepentant recreational fury. ("Hey! You in the Hummer! You're next, fucker!")


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a Hummer? (The vehicle that is... I'm sure no-one is against the OTHER kind)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Wonder what it would be like to robotically walk one of these metal dinosaurs across the White House lawn during an oval office speech by Bush and thrust the metal head in and start chewing on the president? Seems like innocent fun...of course, I'd have to nip ol' Cheney first.

Anonymous said...

I'll volunteer to go "Jurrasic Park" on the prez once Hillary gets into office.